Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mundane Reality

Take TV back to creativity and originality. No more reality shows. But that's just my opinion. There's only so much "reality" my head can take. I must admit I do want to be a millionaire for reasons no one would guess; helpful reasons.

Thank God for individuality - don't suppress it. What would happen if every human genuinely did pay goodness forward every minute of everyday not inciting quarrels, needless competition, insecurity and greed? Easier to just tell somebody "deal with it; that's life." Desperately Seeking the Other 90% of Brain Usage! — within anyone, including myself.

I could never write a journal of my day to day life cause that gets personally brutal. But when you write as someone else living your life and embellish the edges, it's much more enticing. So until I grow up, I choose to write life sentence in another context.

Introducing Sandy - sister to Sheprah, sister to Aziza, sister to Safari. They are one of many characters in stories I've written. If you're a serious reader of fictional nightmares they'll be here.